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Apply for an SBA Loan

What are Small Business Administration Loans? Sometimes insurance proceeds and FEMA assistance is not sufficient to repair a damaged home to a safe condition or …

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Apply for FEMA

What happens when a disaster occurs? In Oklahoma, the County Emergency Manager will investigate the situation, conduct damage assessments, and determine what resources the county …

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Consumer Issues

Sadly, there are people who try to take advantage of others after disasters. A few of the most common scams include imposter scams, home repair …

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Disaster Unemployment & Income Loss

What are disaster unemployment insurance benefits? The president can authorize disaster unemployment insurance benefits as part of the relief available in the disaster declaration.  Disaster …

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Family Law Issues

Disaster events can lead to family law issues.  The aftermath of a disaster can be very stressful, and it is not uncommon to see new …

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Healthcare Issues

Healthcare Issues After a Disaster  Do I need to get any vaccines before I return to clean up my home, which sustained damage in a …

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Housing Issues: Renters and Homeowners

Page Table of Contents Renters’ Rights & Responsibilities Homeownership Issues Rent-to-Own Contracts Renters’ Rights and Responsibilities May I terminate my lease because of the disaster?   …

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Immigration Issues After a Disaster Disasters can often bring up concerns and issues related to immigrations status. This page contains information about status requirements to …

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Oklahoma Indian Legal Services (OILS)

OILS Disaster Assistance Who is OILS? Oklahoma Indian Legal Services (OILS) is a nonprofit organization designed to serve low-income, enrolled tribe members in Oklahoma. Our …

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Personal Bankruptcy Issues

A survivor of a natural disaster may need to consider filing for bankruptcy depending on their financial situation.   What is involved in the bankruptcy process?   …

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Public Benefits

Benefit Options & Issues After a Disaster After a disaster, new public assistance benefits are sometimes made available to help people recover. However, sometimes those …

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Replacing Important Documents

Replacing lost documents During disasters, important documents are often lost. This can cause identification issues which can lead to problems for disaster benefits, such as …

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Submit an Insurance Claim

Insurance There are many insurance issues that can arise after a disaster and the answers will depend on the type of disaster that occurred and …

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Wills & Estates

Importance of a Will Having a will in place is vital to make sure that your possessions are handled the way that you want them …

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